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Looking for a Class B motorhome filled with luxury and more great innovations that ever? Check out the new 2016 Winnebago Travato! The Travato has a lot of great amenities that can’t be found in other Class B RVS.

Product Profile

By Joseph Garnett, Jr.

September 13, 2015

A flex bed system, smart storage spaces and a TruLevel holding tank monitoring system are just three of the new fascinating amenities that will attract you to take a look at the Travato even today.

Since the Class B Winnebago Travato is small, space needs to be maximized whenever possible. Winnebago has found a very innovative way through the Flex Bed System to use as much space as possible. The Flex Bed system simply converts the living area furniture into a bunk bed. So, traveling in the Class B Travato won’t be an issue, because you’ll be amazed at how fast the Flex Bed System goes back to its original setup.

A flexible bunk bed maximizes the room of the small Class B Winnebago Travato.

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Now, packing your exterior storage and locating where you put things will be a whole lot easer. The Travato’s Smart Storage Spaces will improve the organization of your belongings as you pack, because of the new configuration of the RV’s tanks and systems, creating more basement storage space for your enjoyment. One option available for purchase converts a story to into a picnic table or card table.

If you want to know know the exact level of your tanks and are tired of guess whether you have more time between changes, The TruLevel Holding Tank Monitoring System’s Mirus detector cell technology will definitely let you know the exact levels of your waste and fresh water.

A monitoring system on the water tanks makes keeping track of the water levels easier in the Class B Winnebage Travato.

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All the guessing will be gone. And, the readings are very accurate. A micro electric field is created by the Mirus detector. It can then tell the level of the liquid inside the tanks using the electric field. So, forget with this monitoring system, there is no more need for those pesky probes that clog and corrode. You have an easy to read system that eliminates all the stress and guesswork.

See for yourself

The best way to understand the great innovative ingenuity Winnebago has included in the Travato is to see one for yourself. So, do yourself a favor and see the incredible Class B Winnebago Travato motorhome right here on the Lazydays Tampa lot or log online and register to have a sales expert talk with you about this wonderful RV.

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