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Lazydays is America’s RV destination.

About Lazydays, RV Owner Experience

About Lazydays
Lazydays Has Everything RVer’s Dream About

In 1976, a family opened Lazydays RV in Tampa, Florida, with just $500, two travel trailers and a big dream. Over the years, Lazydays has grown exponentially to have an ever-growing family of RV experts, a vast array of RVs and a variety of RV services. By believing in both our customers and employees, Lazydays is now the most beloved RV destination in the country.

From the extensive selection of RVs, and exceptional education and training to the advanced Lazydays RV Service department and home-like Lazydays RV Resort, you can find everything RVer’s dream about at Lazydays. Whether you're buying a new or pre-loved RV, looking for a place to rest and recharge, or simply seeking the kinship of other RVers, we offer it all, and then some. Why? Because we understand that for most, Lazydays isn't just the beginning of their journey, it's very much a part of their ride.

Making a Difference in the Community

Life is a journey for all of us. Some seem to travel a clear road to happiness, while others have a bumpy path filled with potholes. When those obstacles and disappointments in a child’s life include abuse and neglect, poverty and loneliness, they need a helping hand to give them a brighter future. That’s why the employees at Lazydays banded together to create the Lazydays Employee Foundation.

The Lazydays Employee Foundation is a non-profit, employee-organized corporation funded solely by weekly payroll deductions volunteered by our employees. Its primary function is to help make life’s journey smoother for many children, but the dedication to working in the community doesn’t stop there. The Lazydays Employee Foundation also features The Dream Team, an informal group of skilled employees who are tirelessly working in the community on their days off to build a better future for others. From building a playground for children to painting a local domestic violence shelter, The Dream Team has made a big difference by working in the community.

Many feel that the most treasured and greatest achievement of the Lazydays Foundation is the Lazydays House at A Kid’s Place. Striving to make unhappy beginnings turn into happy endings, the Lazydays Employee Foundation donated $400,000 to build and maintain the Lazydays House at A Kid’s Place.

Together, we’re accomplishing what none of us could do alone: we’re paving the way to success for a lot of kids. Learn more about the Lazydays Employee Foundation.

Your One Stop for the Online Brochure You’re Looking For

Are you seeking more information about Lazydays? Then you’ve come to the right place. This easy-to-use online brochure library houses a host of helpful insight specific to Lazydays. You can choose the Welcome to Lazydays online brochure and discover more about what Lazydays has to offer or pick the online brochure exclusive to RV Service. But since they’re all right here, you can click on each online brochure and have oodles of Lazydays information right at your fingertips. Click on any online brochure below to download the PDF and take a look for yourself.

Expanding Our RV Family – Thanks to You

At Lazydays, we enjoy being able to fulfill the dreams of RVers who come to visit us. It’s certainly good to see guests who are already a part of our RV family, just as it is nice to make new friends. We are always thankful when you send your friends, family and people in your RV community to us, so we can help make their dreams come true too.

When you purchase your recreational vehicle at Lazydays, you become a part of our RV family. And when you share your Lazydays experiences with your friends, family and others in the RV community, we truly appreciate it. As a member of our RV family, you have the opportunity to be rewarded for the referrals you send our way. We are happy to be able to show our gratitude for your efforts with these two customer referral programs:

Friends & Family

By providing one or more new qualified referrals to Lazydays, you can reap the rewards. Not only do you benefit by sharing great experiences with your friends, family and RV community, but you’ll also receive a token of our appreciation. Discover how you can be a part of our Friends & Family program by clicking here or by calling 800-306-4002 ext. 4094.

Lazydays Ambassadors

Telling the Lazydays story and promoting the RV lifestyle, is what this select group of Lazydays RV family members does. Being a Lazydays Ambassador and sharing our story with the RV community can be very rewarding. To find out how to become a Lazydays Ambassador, please call 800-306-4002 ext. 4094.