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At Lazydays, our core value system is based on our mission to help RVers discover a better, more rewarding RV life by continually striving to provide the perfect RV purchase and ownership experience. We work passionately to fulfill each RVer’s dream. We bring joy and happiness to our customers by doing everything we can to help them get the most out of their RV lifestyle. Who better to do this with than family? Our culture dictates how we treat our customers and our fellow partners, and defines our commitment to community. Our family is filled with passionate individuals with the same beliefs and values who are dedicated to our noble cause: creating joy for our customers.

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Lazydays Employee Foundation

Lazydays Employee Foundation

Life is a journey for all of us. Some seem to travel a clear road to happiness, while others have a bumpy path filled with potholes. When those obstacles and disappointments in a child’s life include abuse and neglect, poverty and loneliness, they need a helping hand to give them a brighter future. That’s why the employees at Lazydays banded together to create the Lazydays Employee Foundation.

The Lazydays Employee Foundation is a non-profit, employee-organized corporation funded solely by weekly payroll deductions volunteered by our employees. Its primary function is to help make life’s journey smoother for many children, but the dedication to working in the community doesn’t stop there. The Lazydays Employee Foundation also features The Dream Team, an informal group of skilled employees who are tirelessly working in the community on their days off to build a better future for others. From building a playground for children to painting a local domestic violence shelter, The Dream Team has made a big difference by working in the community.

Many feel that the most treasured and greatest achievement of the Lazydays Foundation is the Lazydays House at A Kid’s Place. Striving to make unhappy beginnings turn into happy endings, the Lazydays Employee Foundation donated $400,000 to build and maintain the Lazydays House at A Kid’s Place.

Together, we’re accomplishing what none of us could do alone: we’re paving the way to success for a lot of kids. Learn more about the Lazydays Employee Foundation.